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It's competition time!!!

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We hold a speech contest in January, February and March where members, who have developed their skills throughout the year can now enter a competition to win the coveted trophy and the chance to represent Birmingham in the UK competition.

At this time, visitors are of course still welcome but unable to compete.

We meet every 4th Wednesday of the month in Moseley, Birmingham at 7.30pm. Be sure to book your place. For the small admin cost of £15.00 you can visit two of our meetings before deciding if joining Birmingham International Speakers Club is for you.

Birmingham International Speakers Club is a part of Powertalk Great Britain

Birmingham International Speakers Club (BISC) are based in Birmingham and currently meet at the Moseley Exchange and part of POWERtalk Great Britain. We adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic by moving our meetings to Zoom which proved to be an effective way of continuing to meet, however, nothing compares to being able to practice and interact in person.

We pride ourselves in offering a tailored approach to coaching where we discover what your objectives and ambitions are and coach you to achieve them. Our meetings are suitable for anyone wanting to build confidence and leadership skills no matter what level of experience. Our meetings are non threatening and 100% constructive, we build your level of skill providing you with feedback that will help you grow and grow.

We understand how terrifying it can be for some to speak up and be heard, even the most seasoned speaker still gets nervous, so imagine how improved your life would be with that fear removed! Our members have gone on to gain promotions, land new roles and have delivered speeches to massive audiences, all something that they only ever dreamed of.

Meetings are held every fourth Wednesday in the month at 7.30 pm and we invite you to visit us to see for yourself what our members continue to achieve. There is absolutely no obligation to join, our meetings speak for themselves.

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"Listening involves hearing, sensing, interpretation, evaluation and response."



Meetings start at 7:30pm and finish at 9:30pm Every 4th Wednesday of the Month. Costs are £15pcm upon annual subscription.



We focus on 2-4 prepared speeches against agreed theme and timings



Each speaker is evaluated which is how the “learning” is achieved



Each meeting also includes a workshop, prepared and delivered by a chosen member or guest


Open Forum

Your opportunity to get involved in exercises, debate and discussions linked to public speaking


Guest Speakers

Guest speakers are invited to communicate/educate the club with specific techniques



The evening ends with a final thought for the road with members feeling inspired and armed with practical takeaways to implement.

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  • At BISC we provide a friendly environment and structured programme for you to develop, both personally and professionally. 
  • Regular attendance will make you a stronger, more confident speaker, presenter and leader.
  • BISC provides an informal environment where members enjoys themselves and forge new friendships whilst developing their communication skills. 
  • BISC in an investment in YOU!
  • Increasing self belief will make YOU a stronger, more confident speaker, presenter and leader.
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Why do we speak?

When we speak, we aim to:

• inform;
• convince;
• persuade;
• entertain;
• stimulate;
• impress; and
• motivate

In order for communication to take place there needs to be a transmitter and a receiver, a speaker or presenter, and an audience. Both elements are essential in the communication process and a continuous interaction between the two elements needs to be maintained for the communication to be effective, for the presenter to be successful and for the audience to be satisfied.

BISC focuses on the presenter’s physical delivery of the presentation, whilst also focusing on the content of the speech or presentation, the audience and the environment in which the presentation is being delivered.

It is a fact that positive body language and paralanguage (voice, stance, eyes), when pleasant and attractive and interesting to look at, will also increase the listening attention of the audience. Good presentation is of the utmost importance – people will decide whether they want to listen to you by how you look.

There are three main aspects that are important for a successful delivery:

  • Image – to capture the listening of the audience
  • Vocal effectiveness – to control listening of the audience
  • Body language – the double slam – to hold the full attention of the audience up to the final word.

This forms the three-step approach to any presentation, speech or report. For a small audience,
the first and the second steps will be adequate, but for a larger audience, all three steps need to be present for a successful presentation.

Apart from a good image, the following eight techniques need to be mastered in order to be in
control of our presentation and to communicate with confidence:

  • pace;
  • facial expression;
  • pitch;
  • hand gestures;
  • projection;
  • stance;
  • pause; and
  • eye contact.

Key categories of speech

  • To Entertain
  • To Inform
  • To Inspire
  • To Persuade
  • Impromptu Speaking
  • Research Speech
  • Current Events Speech

"We hear only what we want to hear and remember only part of what we have heard. Good listening can improve both the content and the quality of what we hear and remember."

Communication Skills

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Leadership Skills

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Personal Goals

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  • Moseley Exchange 149-153 Alcester Rd, Birmingham, West Midlands B13 8JP, UK

We currently meet at Moseley Exchange, Birmingham every 4th Wednesday of the month. If you have any queries regarding the venue or meetings, please feel free to send us an email.

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"A good leader is always a good listener. A good listener may be or may not be a leader - but a good listener is usually popular, which is an important step in becoming a leader. People like to be around someone who listens well. We can improve our listening habits. It will take concentration and hard work, as our listening habits are the results of years of often unconscious behaviour. But it can be done, and today is a good day to start!"